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Simple vegan pasta recipe

Simple vegan pasta recipe – Quick and Tasty!

Who doesn’t love a bit of pasta. Especially a simple vegan pasta recipe like this one. It’s tasty, filling and healthy if you go for wholewheat pasta. Always look at the ingredients as some pastas (especially fresh) are not vegan, most dried pastas are as they’re made from durum wheat. This simple vegan pasta recipe

What is the best pea protein powder?

With many people switching to a vegan diet, being lactose intolerant or just looking for an alternative to whey protein, nowadays there’s an array of protein powders available on the market, pea being one of them, but what is the best pea protein powder? Pea is actually my first choice for al protein supplement but

How to start going vegan?

How to start going vegan You’ve made the (amazing but scary!) decision to go vegan. Well done, I salute you! Now you need to know how to start going vegan?     Where do you start? If you’re making the transition from being vegetarian it’ll probably be easier (unless you can’t live without cheese?), if