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Indian chickpea curry recipe

Indian chickpea curry recipe

When I went vegan in January 2020 I was slightly worried I’d have to miss out on the dishes I loved, one of them being a good old curry. I needn’t have worried because this Indian chickpea curry recipe is packed full of flavour and you can adapt it to make it as spicy as

Vegan Teriyaki Tofu Recipe

This vegan teriyaki tofu recipe is really quick and easy (the two things I look for in a recipe) to make plus it uses ingredients you probably already have in the cupboard (the third thing I look for!) If you use extra firm tofu it won’t need pressing before cooking, if you’re using a tofu
Simple vegan pasta recipe

Simple vegan pasta recipe – Quick and Tasty!

Who doesn’t love a bit of pasta. Especially a simple vegan pasta recipe like this one. It’s tasty, filling and healthy if you go for wholewheat pasta. Always look at the ingredients as some pastas (especially fresh) are not vegan, most dried pastas are as they’re made from durum wheat. This simple vegan pasta recipe