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Why is quinoa healthy

Quinoa. What is it, why is quinoa healthy and more importantly…. ….how the hell do you pronounce it? This is what I’ll be covering in today’s article as well as some recipe ideas. For years I pronounced quinoa quee-noah but when it became more common I heard it being pronounced as keen-wah, so that’s what

How to not gain weight over the holidays

So December is here which means Christmas (and Santa) is coming! It’s the time of year we all like to enjoy ourselves and perhaps eat and drink a little more than usual. But with all this excess eating and drinking we need to know how to not gain weight over the holidays. I certainly don’t

Why should I become a vegan

Are you asking yourself why should I become a vegan? Well read on for the reasons why I became a vegan at the start of 2020 and the reasons you should become vegan too. But first the reason why I’m writing about becoming a vegan today. It’s been a little while since I’ve written an

Walking Workouts To Lose Weight

Are you looking to lose weight without the need for high intensity training like hit, running or weight lifting? Whilst all these are good for weight loss, toning and keeping fit they’re not for everyone. You can lose weight by doing lower intensity exercises like walking workouts to lose weight, anything that burns calories will

How to lose belly fat with weights

Before I even start talking about how to lose belly fat with weights I’m gonna throw this out there: You cannot reduce fat just on your belly Loosing weight around your belly will come if you lose weight in general. Even if you did ab exercises for an hour every day this won’t make you