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Women’s weight lifting belts

I have been weight lifting properly now for about 7 months (I started in July 2020). Now when I say weight lifting I mean lifting big weights (big for me anyway!) using a barbell, performing exercises like squats and deadlifts. I’d been playing around with dumbbells for a few months before that and I’ve previously

How to lose belly fat with weights

Before I even start talking about how to lose belly fat with weights I’m gonna throw this out there: You cannot reduce fat just on your belly Loosing weight around your belly will come if you lose weight in general. Even if you did ab exercises for an hour every day this won’t make you

What is the best home gym floor?

So you’ve decided to set up your home gym (well done, great move!). You’ve bought your bench, weights and squat rack. You think you’re done, then you realise without some decent home gym floor mats your new gym is gonna ruin your garage floor! But what is the best home gym floor?     In